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Three Simple Steps for Quick Car Removal in Sydney

If your car has suffered a massive accident, it’s time to stop hesitating and start taking action. We offer a quick free car removal service to make sure you are not hassled, but rather stand the chance to earn cash.

That’s right! You can earn cash from car scrappers. We’re talking big money for metal that many companies need but can’t find. You just need to follow a few steps to reach out to car scrappers.

Three simple steps for a free car removal in Sydney

Follow these three steps to make sure you earn by selling your junk vehicle.

Step 1 – Fill our online form to get a quote for your car

We have an online form on our website that asks you a few easy questions. The form does not take longer than two minutes to fill up; in fact, even lesser. All you need to fill is your name, address, telephone number (so we can get in touch with you and share a quote), your pickup suburb in Sydney, car details and Rego. 

Step 2 – Our experts will evaluate the cost of your scrap car for free

We have a trusted team of experts who will ask you a few details about your vehicle. These questions will revolve around your car’s condition, its age, model and make. A quote will be shared with you on the same day. 

Step 3 – Schedule a free car removal

After this, we’ll ask for a time convenient to you to give you our free car removal service. Our reliable and experienced car scrappers will provide you with the best, expert and friendly service.

Earn cash for a free car removal

Did you know that Cash N Cars offers a free car removal service that includes paying you for selling your car? You stand the chance of earning up to $8,500 for your vehicle. You can earn this cash on the same day of your car removal. All you have to do is sit back while we work hard to provide the best service for you.

If you are looking for car scrappers in Sydney, we are just a call away – 0475 121 670.

Our Services

You can contact us without a second thought. Contacting us would help you in understanding our services correctly and be content. Call us, tell us your requirements, and sit on your sofa and sip your tea.

When clients want to remove their cars permanently, we provide the following services:


1. Do I have to pay you from scrapping my car?

No, you don’t have to pay anything while selling your car to us.

2. Does the quote depend on the size of my vehicle?

Yes, larger vehicles tend to acquire more cash on account of their body weight.

3. What other factor can affect my car’s selling price to car scrappers?

Your scrap car’s value can depend on the market’s demand for a specific metal alloy.

4. Will I earn more by selling my junk car to a private buyer?

There are less chances of earning more as your car is junk, which might further lower your opportunity of getting a good bargain.

5. Will my car get recycled after I give it to car scrappers?

Yes, your car’s metal can be used for industrial purposes as well as recycling purposes.

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