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    Have junk cars at home of no use? Want to earn cash for junk cars?

    Why should you consider a junk car to Sydney Cash N Cars?

    Why should you consider a junk car to Sydney Cash N Cars? Firstly, we pay cash for junk cars. If you'd love to part with your junk car for a lump cash payment, you're in luck as our team will be more than happy to make you a cash offer for your vehicle. Secondly, we offer a quote for your car instantly.

    Which car is classified as a Junk car?

    Vehicles that are old or damaged enough that selling it for parts will be more cost-effective than spending money on its repairs. Below are some issues that contribute to your vehicle classifying it as a junk car.

    Are you ready to get rid of that junk car?

    Contact us for an instant quote for your junk car and receive the cash fast.

    Why Should I Sell My Vehicle to Sydney Cash N Cars?

    We offer the best quotes for junk cars, trucks, vans, crossovers, and more. 

    How Does It Work – 4 EASY Steps!

    1. Get a QUOTE

    Submit vehicle information over the phone and receive a free quote instantly.

    2. Accept the OFFER

    Once you accept your Cash for Junk Car offer, we will ask you to provide proof of ownership and a few other details such as registration and evidence of driving in Sydney.

    3. FREE Towing service

    We'll set up free towing if it is located within our towing zone that is Sydney. Or, you can drop the vehicle off at us.

    4. Receive cash

    You'll receive your payment as soon as we receive your junk car.

    Checks can be:

    The process is easy. We take care of all the paperwork.

    So hurry as we are waiting to provide our flawless services to you too.