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Do you have a car that has turned into scrap? Many people wonder what this means – to call your car scrap, what should be the extent of damage?

Well, a vehicle that has become old and you find it takes up more fuel to run or consistently breaks down while you drive, you know your car has turned to scrap. The only option ahead of you is to repair your vehicle. However, there seems to be an alternative to resorting to high repair costs. You can avail our ‘sell car for scrap’ offer.

What is the ‘sell car for scrap’ offer all about?

It’s quite straightforward, you get to sell your car for scrap and earn a sizable amount of up to $8,500. This offer has been availed by many of our customers for their vehicles that turned to scrap. Many car owners were fed up with trying to sell their car to private buyers who were not ready to buy their vehicle. It was challenging for them to find new customers to buy their old car. Also, the repair costs were too high, which meant that they had to sell their old car at a higher price, a deal their customers were not ready to agree to unless they were buying a new car.

So, the only option left was to give away their vehicle to the scrap yard. However, to their surprise, we were ready to offer them a high price of up to $8,500 for their old car. This meant an average difference of $4,500 more compared to selling their vehicle to private car buyers.

This was how we got several satisfied customers who took up our scrap car removal service. To their surprise, they didn’t even have to pay to have their vehicle towed. We offered them a free car removal service.

If you’ve been looking for a good deal to sell your car for scrap, now’s the time to get our offer. Remember that the more you wait, the less chances of earning a good return on your old car.

Our Services

You can contact us without a second thought. Contacting us would help you in understanding our services correctly and be content. Call us, tell us your requirements, and sit on your sofa and sip your tea.

When clients want to remove their cars permanently, we provide the following services:


1. Should I repair my scrap car before selling it to you?

No, you do not need to repair your old car. We will buy it regardless of its condition.

2. How soon can I get a quotation for my old car?

You will get a quote on your old car the very same day that you call us.

3. My only hassle is doing the paperwork for selling my junk car.

You can rest assured that your vehicle’s paperwork will be handled by Cash N Cars.

4. My 12-year old car won’t start anymore. Has it turned to junk?

You need to get your car repaired and also checked. If it consistently breaks down then it’s time to get a scrap car removal.

5. Nobody wants to buy my junk car. What should I do?

You can sell your car for scrap and earn top cash of up to $8,500.

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