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5 Benefits of Selling Your Car for Cash in Sydney

Have you been planning a free car removal? Cash N Cars are your trusted and reliable used car buyers. We’ve got several reasons why you should sell your car for scrap, not as your last resort but first. We’re just going to put the benefits down here for you to help you understand why. We trust you’ll make the right decision for your car.

Why bother with Cash N Cars for a free car removal

Many people think about selling their car for scrap as a last resort. But, we say that you should consider it an option even when you think of selling it as a second hand car to someone. There are many reasons why you should choose used car buyers to earn cash for cars in Sydney. Here are the major five benefits of selling your car for cash in Sydney.

All makes and car models are accepted

Used car buyers will benefit from your junk vehicle and so they’ll accept any vehicle you present to them. Be it Lexus, Ford, Toyota, Audi, or BMW, you are sure to sell your car on the same day you get it towed.

You get paid immediately

When selling your car to used car buyers, there are no delays in payment. There’s hardly a waiting period. You get paid up to $8,500 on the same day as the free car removal.

Your documents are processed for free

It’s not common when all your vehicle documents are processed on your behalf, leaving not much to do at your end. This means that you get to sit back, while the car wreckers take charge of this time-consuming activity.

No interference of a broker

People usually need to involve a broker to sell their vehicle so there’s someone to coordinate the car selling and deal with documentation. However, in this case, you deal directly with the used car buyers who will simplify the entire process.

Free car removal service

Towing your vehicle may incur a cost, but in these cases, you can get your vehicle taken away for free. This process eases the car buying and selling process.

Looking for a free car removal to sell your vehicle? Cash N Cars are your used car buyers, trusted and reliable.


  1. Do used car buyers have trained staff for my car removal?

Yes, the staff is trained and holds the expertise to conduct a safe vehicle removal process.

  • How much am I likely to get for selling my junk car?

After inspecting your vehicle and checking for the parts, a price will be quoted to you.

  • I have a Mitsubishi car. Will I get to sell it for car wrecking?

Yes, used car buyers accept all kinds of makes and models.

  • How long can your car towers arrive at my location?

We will send our staff at a time convenient to your location in Sydney.

  • When will I get paid after selling my car for scrap?

You get paid on the spot once all requirements are checked, and when you hand over the car keys.

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