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Who is a Car Wrecker? And How Much Do Wreckers Pay For a Car?

Car wrecking has little to do with crushing a vehicle without hesitation. Car wreckers are extremely skilled professionals who buy cars that are not suitable to be on the road anymore. They dismantle them to salvage reusable parts and scrap material.

Who is a Car Wrecker

How much do car wreckers quote for a car?

Getting rid of an unwanted vehicle can be challenging at times. But if it is done right, it can be easy and end up being profitable for you. Selling your old car to car wreckers can help you get rid of the junk in your garage as well as make you some money. Most car owners do not realize that car wreckers readily offer free car removal services. So if you do not have the time or patience to deal with selling it privately, a car wrecker is what you need.

The next important thing you must be wondering is how much do car wreckers pay for a car?

The value of scrap can vary based on several factors from the demand for a part to its quality. It all depends on what percentage of your car can be salvaged into useful parts and scrap metal. 

Factors to consider to know the value of your old car:


Engines are of great importance. If your car’s engine is in a good condition, it might raise the value hugely.


The popularity of your car model increases its demand and thus the value

Authentic parts

Any original part in your vehicle that is in a good condition can be worth good money.


Any system of your car in good condition such as brake system, suspension, shock, transmission, and steering can be worth a lot.

Scrap value

This depends on the current value of scrap metal in the market in your area and thus it keeps changing.

A vehicle in a good condition can make you thousands of dollars. If this seems like a good option for you, get a personalized quote now and get money in your pocket for your old cars hassle-free.

Car wreckers


When and how will I get paid?

We pay in cash upon pick-up of the vehicle.

How will my car get picked up?

We pick up your car on the same day of registration. Our tow driver will contact you on the cell number provided and fix up a time for Free car removal.

What documents are needed from me to sell my car?

•Your driver’s license 

•Picture ID proof of all people    

•Clear title of the vehicle


How will I get my payment?

We offer cash at the time of towing your car, but you can also request other payment options such as a wire transfer or cheque.

Can I get refurbished car parts from Cash N Cars?

Yes, we offer refurbished, new and used auto parts, both local and imported.

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