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Will a Car Buyer Buy My Damaged Car For Top Cash in Sydney?

Suppose you have a damaged car that was initially in perfect shape. However, a road accident that recently occurred turned your car into a mess. Now, you have two options ahead of you – repair the damaged parts or give it away to the dump yard.

There is another option that is better because you stand a chance to earn from it – book a free car removal and avail the cash for damaged cars offer. How does that sound like a win-win?

Can you sell your damaged car for top cash in Sydney?

Many people believe that it’s impossible to sell a damaged car without repairing it. There is truth travel to as far as until a few years ago. Now, earning cash for damaged cars is the most trending offer in town.

So, can you sell your damaged car and earn top cash from it? Yes, absolutely! At Cash N Cars, we buy damaged vehicles regardless of their make and model. You could own a damaged Mercedes, Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, Ford, Mazda, Lexus, Acura, Chevy, Dodge, and Volkswagen. Here, we’ll take it regardless of its condition or other factors. You can also get a free quotation from us if you want to know what your damaged car is worth.

How to avail the cash for damaged cars offer

So, what we do is – we buy and offer cash for damaged cars. We’ll pay cash up to $8,500 for any type of damaged car. But, how do you avail this amazing offer?

Step 1: Call us on 0475 121 670 and talk to us about your car. Tell us what you need and how you want us to be of service.

Step 2: We’ll ask you a few basic questions about your car so that we can make a proper evaluation.

Step 3: We share a quotation on the call – if you agree – we move on to the next step.

Step 4: We’ll come over to your designation location to take your documents, car keys and your car.

Step 5: After we’ve strapped your car in our towing truck, you get paid in cash up front. We’ll be out of your hair in a jiffy.

So, that’s all it takes – five steps to avail the cash for damaged cars offer.


  • Can I get a free quote online rather than calling?

Of course, you can log on to our website, fill the form and get a free quote.

  • What details do you want in the online form for a quotation?

Your contact details, location, car details and Rego.

  • How much paperwork is involved in the selling of my damaged car?

The paperwork involves all documentation related to your vehicle, which we will take care of on your behalf.

  • My car is completely damaged. Will you pay me for it?

Yes, we will pay cash upfront irrespective of your car’s condition.

  • I have a foreign brand vehicle. Will I be able to get a free car removal?

Yes, you will get a free car removal and earn from it as well.

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