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How to Sell Your Pick-Up Cars for Cash in Sydney

Looking for a free car removal? Look no further; we’re offering you the best way to sell pick-up cars for cash in Sydney.

Steps to sell your pick-up car for cash in Sydney

Many customers find that selling their car is probably more tiresome than buying one. There’s more paperwork involved and less chances of earning a higher amount. This is why Cash N Cars believes in serving the customer before anything else. By this, we mean that when you book a free car removal, you don’t have to worry about doing anything. We will show you how our service can benefit you.

Step 1 – Call us on 0475 121 670, and book a free car removal

Step 2 – We will request a few details about your car, like the age, model, brand, condition.

Step 3 – After our team’s expert evaluation of your vehicle, you will be sent a free quote.

Step 4 – If you agree to the quotation, we schedule a free car removal based on a time convenient for you.

Step 5 – All the paperwork is done by us, while we send our towers to pick up your car

How do you identify your car is old?

You get to know your car is no longer meant to drive when it starts to show signs of breaking down. Firstly, your car may need major repairs more often like suspension damage or transmission problems.

Secondly, a car is after all, a machine and it is bound to breathe its last after a considerable stretch of years. The wear and tear that happens with constant use or prolonged inactivity can result in a machine or vehicle turning into junk. If your vehicle is breaking down often during the rains or the winter weather, it’s time to sell your vehicle.

You may also see other signs of the car’s interiors aging then take it as a sign. For instance, the seats are getting torn apart easily. There are also certain smells that your car is emitting, like a fishy odor or rotten egg odor.

Understanding what factors into a car turning to junk can get you a free car removal service and earn a good amount in the bargain.

Our Services

You can contact us without a second thought. Contacting us would help you in understanding our services correctly and be content. Call us, tell us your requirements, and sit on your sofa and sip your tea.

When clients want to remove their cars permanently, we provide the following services:


1. What will you ask me when deciding a quote for my old car?

Your car’s model and make, including the condition or extent of damage.

2. How do I get in touch for a free car removal?

You can call us on 0475 121 670 or fill up our online form and we will reach out to you.

3. My vehicle is only 8 years old, but keeps running out of fuel faster than before. Is it time to sell?

Yes, you most probably have to sell your car as it has turned old, and you are spending more on constant re-fueling.

4. Can I sell pick-up cars for cash because I want a new car now?

Yes, you can connect with us to get a free quote.

5. I bought a second-hand car a few years ago, but it keeps breaking down now. What should I do?

It’s unsafe to drive a second-hand car that keeps breaking down. Repairing may cost you more. Check your options on selling it.

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