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5 Benefits of Car Disposal in Sydney

Your vehicle is no longer fit for the road, and you’ve been contemplating the thought of buying a new car. Ten years was a long run, and it’s seen some serious repairs due to some unexpected accidents. However, there are relevant benefits that factor into selling your car to used car buyers. In this blog, we’ll talk about these benefits to help you understand the importance of car disposal in Sydney.

Car disposal in Sydney and its benefits

When you care for the environment, you’ll be sure to make a few changes that cause less harm to it. Here’s five benefits of getting a free car removal for your old vehicle and how doing so will help the environment.

1. Cost-efficient solution for the economy

By selling your old vehicle, you are giving the local and overseas construction markets and the manufacturing industry the opportunity to use recycled materials. You are preventing the increased use of producing new steel, and hence, helping these companies make steel products that are more affordable to the customer.

2. Reduces greenhouse emission

Car disposal Sydney companies recycle old and damaged or junk vehicles, and this in-turn cuts down on energy consumption. This process is possible because of the reduction in extraction of natural resources. Production of new metal causes fossil fuel burning that further adds to the earth’s CO2 concentration, leading to global warming.

3. Empties the piled-up landfills

When a vehicle is not properly recycled, it is likely to get dumped into landfills. What happens in landfills is that a large number of tires are burnt or buried, polluting the environment. The scrap metal in these areas also leak toxic chemicals into the soil, making it unfit for producing plant life as the underground water gets contaminated.

4. 75% reduction in energy for producing new steel

Old car steel can be recycled and repurposed, decreasing the need to mine new steel. It also helps in reducing the need for energy by 75%, requiring less coal for making new steel or virgin materials.

5. Reduction in chemical leaks into the soil

Recycling car batteries will prevent the leakage of lead and sulphuric acid into the environment. The safe processing of hazardous material can help reduce the chance of chemicals and pollutants from contaminating the soil.

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1. Will selling my old car really be good for the environment?

Yes, with the increase in recycling scrap metal, the yearly emissions will drastically reduce, further reducing carbon footprint.

2. How do I know my car is old?

Your car will make weird sounds, not start properly, and break down more often.

3. How much can I get for selling my vehicle to used car buyers?

You stand the chance to earn $8,500 based on your vehicle’s condition, make and model.

4. Can I sell parts of my car?

Yes, we also buy car parts after evaluating the same.

5. Will repairing my old car be cheaper than selling it off?

Cost repairs of old vehicles are expensive. Research your options before planning to sell it.

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