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Benefits of Selling Your Used Car to a Top Car Buyer in Sydney

Here, at Cash N Cars, we have a great free car removal service where you get your car evaluated by us, get a quotation, and then fix a day and time to remove your car. Our offer pricing goes all the way up to $8,500 regardless of its model, make or condition. However, there’s got to be more than what we can offer, and that’s why we’re taking you through some of the benefits of selling your vehicle to used car buyers such as ourselves at Cash N Cars.

Why you should choose car scrappers to sell your used car?

It’s important to understand that once your car is no longer functional, its value becomes as good as scrap metal. However, that’s not a bad thing because scrap metal too fetches you a few dollars. So, how much more would a scrap vehicle fetch you? Car scrappers can best answer that question, so head over to our online form for getting a free quote. You can find out how much your used car is worth in terms of a good bargain.

Advantages of selling a used vehicle to top car buyers in Sydney

There are many benefits to selling your old vehicle, let’s go through them.

  • You are doing a favor to the environment because keeping an old car lying around can be harmful. The older a car gets and if left without using or driving it can lead to leakage of dangerous chemicals and spills into the ground.
  • You can sell your car without incurring repair costs. Yes, this is true! When selling your car to auto recyclers, they don’t expect you to repair it and then sell it to them. You can simply hand over the keys and documents along with the car, and they’ll do the rest.
  • You get a free car removal from your doorstep. Free car removal services do not charge you for removing your car. So, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be towed for free.
  • You can earn cash for old cars no matter the condition of your vehicle. Your car may be damaged, turned to junk, or simply old – these top buyers will pay you for it regardless of its condition.

We recommend that you compare the best quote you can get for your old car.


  • My car is completely damaged. Will you pay me for it?

Yes, we will pay cash upfront irrespective of your car’s condition.

  • I have a foreign brand vehicle. Will I be able to get a free car removal?

Yes, you will get a free car removal and earn from it as well.

  • I have a Mitsubishi car. Will I get to sell it for car wrecking?

Yes, used car buyers accept all kinds of makes and models.

  • How long will your car tower take to arrive at my location?

We will send our staff at a time convenient to your location in Sydney.

  • What details do you want in the online form for a quotation?

Your contact details, location, car details and Rego.

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