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5 Tips for Removing Your Old Car for Cash in Sydney

We live in the modern days of technology where several processes have gained increased speed in terms of getting work done. By this we mean that every process, from making coffee to printing out a document to typing a letter has gained momentum. The automation industry has contributed a great deal towards enhancing and improving on specific processes. Let’s just say that the same technology has been integrated into the car wrecking industry.

So, when you want to get an old car removal service, the process is fairly simple. Let’s get to it!

Old car removal done in these five easy ways

It’s very simple to get your old car removed for free. Check out these five ways to do it.

  1. Call us at our office or fill our online form to book an appointment for an old car removal.
  2. Before getting the appointment fixed, finalize a quote with the free car removal company.
  3. After an agreement with the pricing, fix an appointment to collect your vehicle with the car documents and keys.
  4. Wait for the expert car wreckers to come by and place your car in the towing truck.
  5. Get paid in cash on the spot.

Well that was easy, wasn’t it? So, whenever you need to get your old car towed and paid for – Cash N Cars offers the best deals. You may stand a chance to earn cash for old cars for up to $8,500.

Your vehicle was once priceless for you. Now it may be time to give it away. This is one of the most crucial periods as what you get in return for an old car matters. That is why it is advisable to check quotes from different sources and see which one works best for you. Also, apart from the pricing, the services matter too. At Cash N Cars, you will benefit from our services as we care for you and your vehicle. Need a free car removal service? Contact us today!


  1. How will I know if I am getting a good bargain from an auto recycler for my car?

The best way to know is by getting quotations from different auto recyclers and car dealers to see which quote works best for you.

  • I have an old Mercedes which I no longer use. Will you buy it?

Yes, we buy all types of old cars regardless of their make or model.

  • Is there a lot of paperwork involved in an old car removal?

No, there is not much paperwork. We handle everything.

  • If I repair my old car and then sell it to you, will I get a higher price?

This depends on the evaluation of your vehicle. We will evaluate your car before sharing a quote.

  • How long will it take to tow my old car once we agree on the quote?

Your car will be taken within 24-48 hours of the quotation agreement.

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