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Where can I Sell Cars for Cash in Sydney

Are you having trouble selling your car in Sydney? No need to stress anymore- Cash N Cars have everything you may need while selling your vehicle!

Where can I Sell Cars for Cash in Sydney

What we offer at Cash N Cars

Here’s a list of services we offer at Cash N Cars

Free car removal

We have been in the industry for years offering the best free car removal services for cars in any condition.

We will take your old car from you within 24 hours.

We accept all types of vehicles from junk to SUBs, Vans, and buses.

Car wrecking

Car wrecking is not a new service in Sydney but a lot of people have yet to discover what it is all about. It’s a synonymous term with recycling. So, each car we buy from you has been dismantled right away, and the parts are re-used instead of lying in a landfill.

We go through a rigorous eco-friendly process that involves the following steps

  • Proper disposal of removed fuel to prevent pollution.
  • Removing, reusing or recycling parts such as batteries, tyres, wheels, and windows.
  • Shredding and dismantling car frames for scrap metal.
  • Transportation of scrap metal. 

Recycling old vehicles is much better for our environment than just leaving them in your garages. The recycled metal itself can contribute to replenishing the non-renewable resources, and decrease pollution and harmful emissions formed during steel manufacture.

Sell Car For cash

If you are looking for used car buyers in Sydney to sell cars for cash you might want to give our service. We offer instant cash for your cars irrespective of their condition.

We offer one of the most reasonable prices in Sydney going up thousands of dollars based on the quality of your car, make, year and model.

Sell Cars for Cash in Sydney

Why choose us?

We know you don’t lack options for used car buyers from private dealerships to other car wreckers but we offer the best service in Sydney. Be it help with the paperwork, same day pickup or good customer care service, we offer all.   . All you have to do is to follow some simple steps to book our service and then sit back and relax.


Do I need to complete any vehicle registration transfer application form?

No, we will give the registration plates back to you before the removal of your car.

You may submit it to any government department of transport and main road offices and

cancel the registration plates.

Will there be any cost for picking up my car?

No, we provide a free towing service.

My car is damaged. How much will you pay me if I sell my car?

We are not choosy about a car’s condition. Visit our website to get a quote for your damaged vehicle.

My car won’t start anymore. What should I do?

Repairs will cost you a high amount. If you wish, you may sell it to scrap.

Will you inspect my vehicle before paying me?

We inspect your car to ensure a fair and ethical price decision.

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