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5 Tips for Getting Cash Paid For Unwanted Cars in Sydney

Most vehicles that become old or turn to junk are no longer fit to drive on the road. However, many car owners are reluctant to sell their car because they can’t afford a new one. The problem lies in selling the unwanted car; not many want to buy it at a fair price.

Many private car buyers attempt to find faults in the old car, giving excuses about how the old car won’t fetch them any value. At the same time, getting your old car repaired with new parts can cost you a bomb. At this rate, people with old cars may simply keep them in the garages. Also, old cars that are still running may create some form of air pollution as their exhaust pipe seems to malfunction over time.

User car buyers offer free car removal and top cash


Car owners need not fear the dreaded future of selling their car once it no longer works. They can get cash paid for unwanted cars by car wreckers and used car buyers. Cash N Cars provides a free car removal service to make sure that you don’t regret selling your old car. Depending on your vehicle’s size and weight, model and make, and the extent of damage, a fair price will be quoted to you.

You could earn top dollar of up to $8,500 in cash paid for unwanted cars. This is why many car owners with old vehicles reach out to us nowadays. We are no longer their last resort but first preference over private car buyers who have nothing much to offer.

With us, you can rest assured that your car and its parts will be recycled, scrapped, and metal used by other steel industries and manufacturing companies.

If you are looking for used car buyers in Sydney, we are your best bet. We provided professional services, same day car pick-up and cash payment. We’ll do all the paperwork for you, while you can sit back and watch your garage space opening up for adding a new car. Get in touch with us, Sydney’s best car wreckers, to give you a free quote and get top cash paid for unwanted cars.

Our Services

You can contact us without a second thought. Contacting us would help you in understanding our services correctly and be content. Call us, tell us your requirements, and sit on your sofa and sip your tea.

When clients want to remove their cars permanently, we provide the following services:


1. How soon can your staff come pick up my car?

We have a same-day service, where our staff will tow your unwanted vehicle on the same day you call us.

2. What paperwork do I have to make ready for selling my car to you?

You do not have to deal with any paperwork. We will take care of everything; all we will need are your car keys, and papers taken during the purchase of the car.

3. Are there any hidden charges in your free car removal services?

No, we won’t charge you a single dime. In fact, you will get cash paid for unwanted cars by us.

4. How do I get a free quote from you for my car?

You can call us on 0475 121 670 or fill up our online form for unwanted cars.

5. My car is damaged and old. Will you buy it and at what cost?

We buy vehicles regardless of their condition. We buy vans, cars, bikes, buses, and other types of vehicles. You may earn top cash of up to $8,500 on your unwanted car.

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